Harbour Towage

A modern fleet of tugboats tailored to the needs of each port, together with the professionalism of our crews, guarantee an accurate, safe and quality service in any weather conditions,giving priority at all times the safety of operations.

Remolcadores de Barcelona S.A., the matrix of The Group Rebarsa, is one of the first companies in Europe tugs. Since its founding in 1886 has been developing its activity in the Port of Barcelona, offering quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The history and present support the continued commitment of the company with the Port of Barcelona, making a serious and professional work that has become the first operator in the port.

Coastal and Deep-Sea Towage

The Group has tried and tested experience in performing coastal and deep-sea towage operations of all kinds of floating elements. A right cost structure allows us to offer highly competitive prices.

Sea Salvage

The Group has long-standing experience in carrying out rescues along the Catalan coast and its fleet is permanently available to take part in rescue jobs.

Marpol Waste Collection

The shipowners that choose the Port of Barcelona to hire this service are served by our vessels, which are specially prepared to carry out the removal of hydrocarbon wastes and bilge waters.

SPRA, S.A.U. was the first Spanish company to collect MARPOL I waste with a double hull barge specially designed for the job.

Fire-Fighting and Anti-Pollution

Our fleet is ready to provide a rapid response to emergencies such as fires or pollutant spills. The tugs are fitted with powerful fire-fighting equipment. It has, in addition to elements of containment of pollutants into the sea and storage tanks aboard the residue collected -Oil Recovery Ship- discharges.