Remolcadores de Barcelona, S.A. is a pioneer in the implementation of an environmental management system, being the first Spanish company in the sector to achieve the ISO 14001 certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

In accordance with ISO 14001 standard, the Group Rebarsa has adopted an environmental management system which is reviewed periodically in order to identify and implement improvement opportunities. This type of system enables the company to establish and assess the efficiency of the procedures designed to define environmental and goals policy.

This policy has a permanent presence in all the activities carried out, as well as in every decision-making process concerning the Group’s strategy. This means that the tugs are equipped with anti-pollution systems; the barge dedicated to Marpol waste collection has a double hull, being the first vessel of this kind in Spain to incorporate such safety measures when providing these kinds of services; the fleet renewal process in which the Group is currently involved, envisages the incorporation of “Oil Recovery” classified tugboats.